Friday, May 29, 2015

Introduction of Anti-corrosion insulation pipe

General insulation pipe chooses a second inorganic zinc rich primer (400 ℃ or higher) of heat-resistant anti-corrosion coating, 3PE steel pipe port choose polyethylene film or cold wind belt sealing, prevent water leak before installation.
Thermal insulation pipe is suitable for hot water, high temperature, corrosive chemical pump, oil pump.
Thermal insulation pipeline centrifugal pump series products have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise and reliable performance.
Heat preservation material multi-layer emperical bandage, effectively reduce the heat loss, at the same time measures to control the coat surface, prevent the cold bridge, so that the coat anticorrosive layer are obtained by temperature control.
Bandaging with heat preservation material layers of aluminum foil reflector, effectively reduce the heat loss, making steam pipeline more economic and reasonable.
Anti-corrosion insulation pipe is a kind of anti-corrosion steel pipe, and has a good heat preservation performance, widely used in building construction and the promotion, and constantly get improved and popularized.
Anti-corrosion insulation pipe with different processing types and methods of different processing methods to determine the tube has different performance and function, and the range of use will change too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Influence of energy price fall for Nippon steel

Nippon steel, Japan's largest steelmakers expects that oil drilling industry with the demand of the seamless steel pipe is expected to decline 30%, but energy consumption reduction can offset the impact of falling demand.
Nippon steel is one of the world's major seamless steel pipe manufacturers, its main competitions are France steel pipe manufacturer tile Lu Ruike and Turner in Italy.
Nippon steel relevant personage says, the company plans to compress costs 50 billion yen this year, and will do their best to improve the overseas business profit at the same time, want to keep in the growth of the past three years.
Relevant agency predicted, this year's profits of Nippon steel will be increased by 6% up to 485 billion yen level, the contribution of the steel pipe business may be more than 20%.
Global crude oil prices achieve its lowest level in March this year for six years.
However, although energy prices fall results in a decrease of steel demand, it also lead to a lower production cost, such as the sea freight, as well as road transportation cost of the product is substantially reduced, Nippon steel hope the reduction of the cost is able to make up for the decline in profits from sales.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thermal expansion seamless steel pipe market analysis

April is the traditional peak season of thermal expansion seamless steel pipe, but this season is not flourishing, steel market trend is still weak.
Some operators think steel market is still difficult to recover in May, however, thermal expansion seamless steel pipe price fall space is limited, or there will be a stop falling stabilization, steady rise in market and the overall better than April.
Specific reasons are as follows:
One, inventory is a steel inventories moved forward, steel plant to grow, the price war smoke rise;
Two, the thermal expansion seamless steel pipe production release production, output growth, excess supply to continue;
Three, is the downstream terminal demand situation change has yet to be observed;
Four, is the iron and steel materials such as iron ore market changes affect steel market;
Five, steel mills adjust price policy, influencing late thermal expansion seamless steel pipe market.
Considering above factors, it is expected the it’s difficult to "fire" in May, but will be somewhat better than in April, rebar, wire rod, hot-rolled coil, plate, thermal expansion seamless steel pipe price or will shake up.

Monday, May 11, 2015

All kinds of Anti-corrosion coating type for steel pipe

Fusion bonded epoxy powder coating is a new coating developed in recent 30 years, the use of electrostatic spraying coating epoxy powder coating, one time film forming. The coating has the characteristics of simple operation, no pollution, good coating impact resistance and good bending performance and high temperature resistant, has been widely used in foreign countries.
Main process:
Medium-frequency heating - Blasting - Grinding - Detection - Vaccum Cleaning - Medium-frequency heating - Powder - Water cooling - Coating detection.

2PE refers to the two layer PE anti corrosion pipe structure, the first layer of adhesive (AD), second layer of polyethylene (PE), two materials get fused and the thickness of each layer is the same as the three layer of PE.
3PE mainly refers to the three layer PE anti corrosion pipe structure: the first layer of epoxy powder (FBE>80um), second layer adhesive (AD) 170 to 250um, third layer polyethylene (PE) from 1.8 to 3.7mm. Three kinds of materials get fused and form firm excellent anti corrosion layer with steel pipe.
3PE main anti corrosion process:
Bare pipe - Medium-frequency heating - Blasting - Cleaning quality inspection - Medium-frequency heating - Powder spraying - Adhesive - PE - Water cooling - Coating detection - Stacks of steel pipe.

Coal tar epoxy anti corrosive paint is composed of epoxy resin, coal tar, anti-rust pigment, additives, modified amine. The product has characteristics of quick drying, good adhesion, good flexibility, two-component packaging, convenient construction, acid and alkali, salt resistance, water resistance, oil etc..
The paint has the mechanical strength of the epoxy resin, high adhesion, high chemical resistance and water resistance, erosion of asphalt characteristics of antimicrobial resistance, plant roots, is a kind of high performance anti-corrosion insulation coating for seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe, the product has good chemical resistance, water resistance, suitable for the transportation of oil and gas, water pipelines, oil refineries, chemical plants, sewage treatment plant equipment and pipeline corrosion, can be used as offshore oil drilling platforms and ships at the lower part of the water and mine and anti-corrosion of underground facilities.

Demagnetization of SSAW steel pipe

In the pipeline industry, we are often encountered with magnetic steel pipe, steel pipe with magnetic and without demagnetization operation is hard to weld, and the welding precision is not high, therefore, steel pipe with magnetic must carry out demagnetization.
Steel demagnetization is actually very simple, can be divided into simple demagnetization and complex  demagnetization:
1, simple demagnetization: demagnetization coil wound on the pipe outside, alternating current on the coil, slowly decrease the AC (the slower the better), until reduced to zero. At the end of demagnetization. Results: not change the physical properties of the steel pipe, but once met the outer magnetic field again, the steel will be magnetized.
2, complex demagnetization: the heat treatment process can completely realize demagnetization, however, after the demagnetization of degaussing, hardness and rigidity of steel pipe will change, once meet the external magnetic field, after the magnetic field disappeared, the steel pipe will basically no remanence.
According to the above two kinds of way of steel demagnetization - single demagnetization and complexde magnetization, there is a common point that it can not contact with the strong magnetic field after the demagnetization, otherwise it will be again magnetized.
At present, large diameter SSAW steel pipe generally uses DC demagnetization coil, the demagnetization coil is added into the magnetic particle inspection machine, but the demagnetizing effect does not satisfy the customer, the problem lies in the DC demagnetizing field only generates half cycle reverse magnetic field, only can offset reverse part of the internal remanent large diameter SSAW steel pipe, its remanence stays within the required range, so the effect is not very stable. It can be achieved in the field, after handling, beaten, and exceed the standard magnetic field again. The reason is that the domain of large diameter spiral pipe to demagnetization without "internal magnetic exercise" is not very stable.
Large diameter SSAW steel pipe demagnetization
Remanence national standard is below 30GS, HT30D steel demagnetization system can be stable to pipe remanence of about 10GS, to avoid rebound of the remanence in the process of transportation.
Size specifications: 400*500*600mm
Working voltage: 220V
Working current: 5-20A continuously adjustable
Working frequency: 0-50Hz continuously adjustable
Demagnetization coil diameter size: 100-250 (according to customer requirements).

Monday, April 13, 2015

Breaking news - New developed p110101.6 mm EUE tubing

To meet the downstream user’s demand for high strength external upset tubing and expand market share of high added value product, Angang seamless steel pipe mill developed the potential of equipment and has developed a successful forming p110101.6 mm EUE tubing.
At present the product has a production of 1100 tons, and get the user's widely praise.
Under the situation of the world's energy demand continues to grow, as a major energy producers of oil mining challenge the deep oil and gas wells and high corrosion of oil and gas wells which are difficult to extract. The deeper the oil well is, the higher the oil companies require for the tubing thread strength.
Last November, a user to Angang proposes p110101.6 mm EUE tubing requirements, the product as API non-standard specifications, high value-added products.
Used in deep well mining of oil and gas pipeline in high strength thread index demand is higher, external upset processing is carried out on pipe head.
Angang seamless steel pipe of the original two EUE tubing are secondary molding, there exists a tin thickness, appearance is not smooth, the cost is higher, cannot satisfy the needs of customers.
In order to improve the grade of products, expand market share, high added value products the factory mining potential external upset existing production line equipment, carry out product development research.
Project team operation technical personnel on the basis of many years of production, from the grinding tool design, heating system and three aspects of equipment and then built bottleneck problem of new products, successfully developed 40 hits a molding 101.6 mm EUE tubing, qualified rate reached 100%.
At present, the product has been formed a large-scale production, and to receive additional orders.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Indonesia starts cancelation of anti-dumping duties on seamless steel pipe

Indonesia's finance department announced that in order to enhance the competitiveness of the domestic steel tube import industry, the finance department decided to cancel the provisionalanti-dumping duty of 81% for imported seamless steel pipe in China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore since June 12.
According to the ministry of finance department, a spokesman for Indonesia's anti-dumping committee recently did a research on the imported situation of seamless steel pipe for other countries, and found that most of them are importing seamless steel pipe by dumping price, while the Indonesian government in order to protect the domestic steel industry, has been levied 81% of anti-dumping duties on imported steel pipe, which will undoubtedly affect Indonesia import of seamless steel pipe. To this, the Indonesian government decided to cancel the anti-dumping duties.