Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Environmental protection targeting on the iron and steel industry

During the period of "Thirtieth Five-year” iron and steel industry will become the environmental governance key areas, with China’s efforts to promote the excess capacity solving, many iron and steel enterprises which can't meet the requirements of environmental protection will gradually quit the market.
Director-general of the department of ministry of energy saving Gao Yunhu said on the BBS, during the period of "Thirtieth Five-year" and in the process of promoting industrialization, our country will pay more attention to ecological civilization construction at the same time, at present, our country did not get rid of the extensive pattern in energy intensive and highly polluting, such as iron and steel industry compared with the international advanced level of energy efficiency is nearly 10% of the gap, narrowing the gap to meet the requirement of ecological civilization construction.
As the energy conservation laws and regulations updated during the period of "twelfth five-year", energy-saving standard binding will be further strengthened during the period of "Thirtieth Five-year". According to the plan, the steel industry will much tighter emissions standards, sintering machine head particulate matter, iron particles sintering head main emissions standards, such as sulfur dioxide will decrease by 60%, 92% and 60% respectively. "Regardless of the size, enterprises will be run according to the standard, violate compasses to punish the illegal cost is much higher than the cost of compliance."Gao Yunhu said.
Planning institute director li xinchuang metallurgy said, the future will be subject to strict control iron and steel enterprise development scale, industry development will enter the low speed or reducing development; Raised environmental standards will lead to certain changes in energy consumption structure, forced coal use decline; To speed up the backward capacity elimination and the production structure adjustment will lead to can't meet the requirements of environmental protection enterprises gradually quit the market.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Indonesian compliant about China's iron and steel world trade

According to the Indonesian business newspaper on June 24, the Indonesian iron and steel industry association executive director of (IISIA) taufik hidayat, said in the recently held in southeast Asia iron and steel association (SEAISS) meeting, the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) iron and steel enterprises reached consensus that to make a complaint about the implementation of unfair subsidies of China's steel exports for the world trade organization.
He stressed that the Indonesian government is planning to formulate policies to support the development of domestic steel products enterprise, for example increasing the content of local building materials used in the construction projects funded by the nation, as well as the implementation of the steel import tariff plan under the clause of the improvement of the upcoming most-favored-nation (MFN).
Indonesian iron and steel industry association said, the Chinese government gives as much as 13% of export tax rebates to the downstream steel products export, including seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe and so on, at the same time of up to 15% on the upstream products of export tax. This helps to a large number of Chinese steel products exported to countries such as Indonesia.
According to the Indonesian central bureau of statistics, Indonesia in the past two years foreign steel downstream products imports increased by 300% to 800%.

Monday, June 22, 2015

LanCheng crude oil pipeline transmission of changqing oil for the first time

Changqing oilfield high viscosity oil goes through LanCheng crude oil pipeline wushan station in a mixed way recently.  .
This is LanCheng crude oil pipeline transmission of changqing oil for the first time since putting into production, which plays an active role on the optimization of pipeline oil transport capacity. At the same time, it is also the first time in changqing oil through pipes to each region. Changqing oil with "three highs" characteristics, transmission difficulty and resistance is the young pipeline never encountered. In order to ensure the product delivery successfully, the west pipeline and lanzhou branch of oil and gas pipeline company held the symposium ahead of time, deploy the mixing amount of oil and oil transfer work in advance.
LanCheng crude oil pipeline, Yang gansu section along about stop, wushan station and ogawa station according to the temperature and pressure of oil station, actively contact with oil and gas control center in Beijing, optimization of technological process, the reasonable start-stop oil transfer pump, for oil through the loess tableland provides a strong guarantee.
It is understood that the mixed plan for 1.4 million tons of oil, mixing ratio of 20% in May, the late in solidifying point is lower than the minimum ground temperature under the principle of combining the practical conditions of ground temperature, the mixing proportion to make reasonable adjustments.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

How much do you know about green steel-plastic composite pipe

With the development of the steel-plastic composite pipe, now widely used in the engineering construction as green liquid pipelines, take stainless steel pipe fittings as pipe socket, steel-plastic tube end as spigot, used for coated plastic pipe and stainless steel pipe fittings.
Liquid transportation plastic-steel composite pipes can give the rein to its excellent properties in terms of inspecting & controlling, tensile strength, bearing capacity, as well as on the anti-corrosive performance as water pipe.
Mutual cooperate of pipe sockets has made great convenience for the pipeline construction, reliable and simple connection mode, time-saving, manpower-saving and removable. Stainless steel pipe fitting socket structure is convenient for processing, with small equipment investment and low production cost.
Plastic coated steel pipe is used for conveying fluid such as water and beverages, particularly a lining plastic composite pipe. It includes metal pipe, zinc layer coated in the tube wall, the zinc layer closely integrated to the outer wall of non-toxic plastic thin wall pipe formed through powder coating as a whole. Due to the lining of non-toxic plastic thin wall pipe and galvanized layer to form an organic whole, the wall thickness can be very thin, not affecting the flow of fluid medium, is an alternative to existing galvanized steel pipe and steel model lining plastic composite pipe with low cost.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Introduction of Anti-corrosion insulation pipe

General insulation pipe chooses a second inorganic zinc rich primer (400 ℃ or higher) of heat-resistant anti-corrosion coating, 3PE steel pipe port choose polyethylene film or cold wind belt sealing, prevent water leak before installation.
Thermal insulation pipe is suitable for hot water, high temperature, corrosive chemical pump, oil pump.
Thermal insulation pipeline centrifugal pump series products have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise and reliable performance.
Heat preservation material multi-layer emperical bandage, effectively reduce the heat loss, at the same time measures to control the coat surface, prevent the cold bridge, so that the coat anticorrosive layer are obtained by temperature control.
Bandaging with heat preservation material layers of aluminum foil reflector, effectively reduce the heat loss, making steam pipeline more economic and reasonable.
Anti-corrosion insulation pipe is a kind of anti-corrosion steel pipe, and has a good heat preservation performance, widely used in building construction and the promotion, and constantly get improved and popularized.
Anti-corrosion insulation pipe with different processing types and methods of different processing methods to determine the tube has different performance and function, and the range of use will change too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Influence of energy price fall for Nippon steel

Nippon steel, Japan's largest steelmakers expects that oil drilling industry with the demand of the seamless steel pipe is expected to decline 30%, but energy consumption reduction can offset the impact of falling demand.
Nippon steel is one of the world's major seamless steel pipe manufacturers, its main competitions are France steel pipe manufacturer tile Lu Ruike and Turner in Italy.
Nippon steel relevant personage says, the company plans to compress costs 50 billion yen this year, and will do their best to improve the overseas business profit at the same time, want to keep in the growth of the past three years.
Relevant agency predicted, this year's profits of Nippon steel will be increased by 6% up to 485 billion yen level, the contribution of the steel pipe business may be more than 20%.
Global crude oil prices achieve its lowest level in March this year for six years.
However, although energy prices fall results in a decrease of steel demand, it also lead to a lower production cost, such as the sea freight, as well as road transportation cost of the product is substantially reduced, Nippon steel hope the reduction of the cost is able to make up for the decline in profits from sales.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thermal expansion seamless steel pipe market analysis

April is the traditional peak season of thermal expansion seamless steel pipe, but this season is not flourishing, steel market trend is still weak.
Some operators think steel market is still difficult to recover in May, however, thermal expansion seamless steel pipe price fall space is limited, or there will be a stop falling stabilization, steady rise in market and the overall better than April.
Specific reasons are as follows:
One, inventory is a steel inventories moved forward, steel plant to grow, the price war smoke rise;
Two, the thermal expansion seamless steel pipe production release production, output growth, excess supply to continue;
Three, is the downstream terminal demand situation change has yet to be observed;
Four, is the iron and steel materials such as iron ore market changes affect steel market;
Five, steel mills adjust price policy, influencing late thermal expansion seamless steel pipe market.
Considering above factors, it is expected the it’s difficult to "fire" in May, but will be somewhat better than in April, rebar, wire rod, hot-rolled coil, plate, thermal expansion seamless steel pipe price or will shake up.