Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What is happening to the domestic steel pipe manufacturing equipment

Significantly increase of the level of domestic steel manufacturing equipment.

Representative steel companies
Tianjin Pipe's φ273mmMPM units (including Tianjin Steel Pipe φ426mm PQF units andφ159mm FQM CSST's crew) represents the world-class level of the most advanced equipment and rolling tube technology, especially PQF (FQM) continuous pipe mill represents the latest development of the current pipe mill and manufacturing processes. PQF (FQM) MPM can increase rolling tube wall thickness tolerances, improve the finished products rate, reduce tool consumption, and roll thinner wall steel pipe.

At the same time of the introduction of advanced pipe mill, also introduce a number of varieties suitable for the production of special units, such as Φ170mm of Daye seamless steel pipe. Tianjin Pipe's Φ219mm three roll pipe mill and Zhejiang Jiuli 3150kN squeeze tubes and other units. These units are also equipped with high level, has obvious advantages in the production of special thick-walled seamless steel pipe or high alloy varieties, production is also more flexible.

Baosteel UOE pipe unit, using proven internationally advanced technology and the most complete equipment currently, is the most advanced production equipment, production of the highest grade welded steel pipe production unit during the near two decades home and abroad. The construction of this pipe unit complied with the reality of rapid development of China's pipeline construction in recent years, laid a good foundation for the production of high grade LSAW steel pipe production required by the transition into the high grade large pressure pipeline.

Baoji Steel Pipe Company construction of coiled tubing production line is not only the first in Asia,but also the world's third coiled tubing production line, designed annual production capacity of 15,000 tons, product diameters from 25.4 to 88.9 mm, wall thickness of 1.91 to 6.35 mm, with broad market prospects. Completion of this production line fills the gap in the domestic pipe industry, marking the Baoji Steel Pipe Company achieved a new leap in product diversification.

With the improvement of steel unit level, China's seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe quality and technical level has caught up with the international level, including obtaining the relevant certification, and now the shortcoming is the high class nuclear power tubes, including boiler tubes, precision tubes needed imported, but most of the country or to meet the needs of our own.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Korean complaint unreasonable profit calculation of American steel anti-dumping case

Recently, the South Korean Ministry of Industry and Trade said that the US Department of Commerce at the time of investing the Korean steel pipe anti-dumping, including the calculation of dumping profits, may be in violation of WTO guidelines. So Korea thereon to lodge a complaint to the WTO, if South Korea wins the case, the US obliged to revise its anti-dumping duties behavior.
US Department of Commerce in July said it would import products from Hyundai Hysco 15.75% levy tariffs, Nexteel product rate is 8.89%, and all other Korean companies, including World- Asian steel products and Husteel(welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe) tax rate of 12.82%.
In 2013, South Korea exported $ 818 million oil industry pipe to the US, more than other countries involved total exports in this case.
Despite complaints to the WTO, the United States and South Korea can still resolve the dispute through negotiations. If negotiations fail, the Republic of Korea can ask WTO to set up a special team to review the case.

What changes with the seamless steel pipe decline

According to the steel industry survey report, the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008 is not only the beginning of China's economic growth into the deceleration phase, but also the watershed of China's seamless steel pipe industry from the gloom to the doom. Recovery of exports in 2009, and the "4 trillion yuan" stimulus policy implementation, the recession slowed the pace of China's seamless steel pipe industry decline. However, since the year of 2011, with the economic stimulus to pull the weakening effect of the steel industry, China's seamless steel pipe industry has experienced nearly four years of continuous downward trend, not only still no signs of improvement, but there are worse.

Although China's seamless pipe market prices gradually recovering from the sudden drop in 2008 after the financial crisis, and in stimulating economic stimulus in the second half of 2010 and early 2011 was recovered to the level before 2008. However, beginning in the second quarter of 2011, with the slowdown in the global economy, domestic production has peaked seamless steel, seamless steel demand at home and abroad are showing a declining trend. A serious imbalance between supply and demand makes our seamless steel pipe industry gradually lost its independent pricing, is more about receiving raw materials and bulk steel prices.

Up to 4 years prices continued to fall, the traders profit margins shrink, more and more traders get out of the seamless steel pipe industry. The delisting of traders not only decreases the seamless steel pipe business sales channels, but also makes the "reservoir" role of the market weakened. Inventory pressure gradually transferred to the upstream seamless steel pipe manufacturers, which put forward a higher requirement for the steel pipe mill financial strength. Meanwhile, China's seamless steel pipe market are in the long-term downward trend, decreasing corporate profits making seamless steel tubes and the emergence of the phenomenon of consecutive losses. Corporate debt increased year after year, more and more enterprises have closed down the seamless steel pipe mill.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Canada's double anti measures for China’s L360 line pipe wire

Canada adopts double anti measures for China’s L360 line pipe wire
According to the rules of WTO, in the same case, the trial zero tax rate enterprise should not be included in the review procedure. However, the Indonesia has modified their anti-dumping regulations related content in 2013, and in the World Trade Organization on anti-dumping tax for 5 years term is not full, in April 4, 2012 on the originating China 20# seamless steel pipe anti-dumping sunset review investigation, and was incorporated into the scope of WISCO sunset review. In May 9, 2013, the Indonesia on the case to make the final disclosure, the Wuhan Iron and steel anti-dumping tax rate increased from 0% to 16.32% 2008 finally. Wugang positive reply, reverse two months ago Indonesia disclosure of the final results, and ultimately ruled as a zero tax rate.
In May 9th, Canada Border Services Agency announced preliminary investigation results on China galvanized steel wire anti-dumping and anti subsidy, identified Chinese wire rod market (including galvanized steel wire) the existence of non market economic situation. Accordingly, the Canadian government ruled Chinese enterprises dumping margin is 45.1%-64.8% respectively, the subsidy rate respectively is 15%. This case is the first trade remedy investigation in this year for Canada, involving a value of about $10000000. The plus side is planned for May 13th to 27 day China field verification of the enterprises responding to the action, and to make the final dumping and subsidies in May 9th. At the same time, Canada also levy provisional anti-dumping tax for the galvanized steel wire imported from the Israel and Spain, Israel of 14.5%-64.8%, Spain of 10.5%-64.8%.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coiled tubing exports

After strict inspection X-ray, physical and chemical, water pressure, baoji petroleum steel pipe company's CT80 steel grade 3.18 mm wall thickness, 38.1 mm outer diameter and 5000 meters long and 44.45 mm outer diameter, 3.4 mm wall thickness, 4200 meters long work string were sent to the Middle East the other day. This is our country’s independent intellectual property rights of the coiled tubing products entering the international market for the first time, marked the baoji steel tube company exports products going towards the high-end market.
Coiled tubing is generally a few hundred meters to thousands of meters in length, has the characteristic such as high strength and high toughness, is important assignment in oil field drilling, completion, testing, drilling equipment, gathering and other fields.
As China's largest oil group welded steel pipe manufacturing company, baoji steel pipe company is in accordance with the national "863" plan and the requirements of oil major s&t projects in the planning, after more than four years' hard research and development innovation, has changed the situation of domestic similar products rely on imports, making our country become the world's second master the technology of the country. At present, baoji petroleum steel pipe company in the domestic first developed the well work string, speed string and continuous line pipe high technology content, high value-added new products, has successively put into operation in sichuan, and qinghai and other oil and gas fields, product performance has reached the advanced level of similar products abroad.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Low carbon steel hardening

There are two reasons for the low carbon steel hardening, that ferrite grain size and ferrite medium carbon saturation.
(1) the formation of ferrite is a nucleation growth and forming process, the first lies in rolling in the austenite grain boundaries. Therefore, the austenite grain size directly affects the ferrite grain size, while the other residual elements and second phase particles also affect the formation of ferrite grains. In order to obtain a relatively large ferrite grains, you need to have a higher spinning temperature and slow cooling speed, and to get a relative large austenite grains, and low content of impurities in the steel requirements.
(2) ferrite supersaturated carbon, two forms: 
One is to dissolve in the solid solution for strengthening effect of ferrite; the other one is precipitated from ferrite strengthening effect, regardless of the role of the strengthening steel. But for the precipitation hardening effect of low carbon steel pipe, it’s with small hardened, so it must precipitate the supersaturated carbon dissolved in the ferrite. This requirement can be achieved by the slow cooling process.

Geological drilling and oil drilling seamless steel pipe

Geological drilling and oil drilling seamless steel pipe
In order to investigate the structure of underground rock, groundwater, oil and gas mineral resources, drilling rigs are often used. Oil, natural gas developing can not be separated from drilling. Geological drilling oil drilling seamless steel pipe is the major drilling equipment, including the core of the outer tube, inner core pipe, casing, drill pipe and so on. Because drilling pipe need go deep into the depth of several kilometers formation work, working condition is extremely complex, drill withstand tension and compression, bending, twisting and uneven stress impact loads, etc., but also wore by the mud and rock, therefore, it requires the seamless steel pipe to have sufficient strength, hardness, wear resistance and toughness, steel pipe with "DZ" (geology Pinyin prefix) plus the number represents the yield point of steel, commonly used steel are 45MnB and 50Mn of DZ45;40Mn2 and 40Mn2Si of DZ50; 40Mn2Mo and 40MnVB of DZ55;40MnMoB of DZ60,27MnMoVB of DZ65. All steel to be delivered with heat treatment state.